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Forks & Bearings

Post  trotsky on Mon May 06, 2013 1:47 am

Hi all, i have offered my forks into my frame but have noticed that the fork stem can move about quite a bit in the top of the frame. When i screw up the races, i can get the forks to tighten in different positions, causing it to have a certain amount of "Rake"? If i sit it in a central position then the left & right fork stops are fine, but i have to tighten up the forks quite a lot, making them feel "grindy"?. When i put my wheel in, the weight causes the forks to "tip forward" & are not then central at the top. If they don't sit centrally then the right fork stop doesn't seem to work causing the forks to touch the Leggies on full right lock. They are eating my bottom bearings in the cage, but i will be loose loading the bottom bearings anyway. The Frame races seem fine so wonder if this is just a normal occurance, as i say i have to tighten them quite a lot? Any comments welcome....Cheers Steve

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