Rear light terminal cover

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Rear light terminal cover Empty Rear light terminal cover

Post  Thackers on Mon Jul 12, 2010 3:49 am

Idea One thing i found to get over covering the electric terminals on the rear light is a rubber cap from a cars H.T lead. I went down the scrapyard and looked for a right angled cover (some makes have slightly differing angled caps) Having found the right one it's just a case of taking out the internals with long nosed pliers. It is a bit of a squeeze getting the bikes wiring to fit but with no alternative out there it doesn't look out of place.
Idea Another scrapyard part: for those of us with rubber mounted carbs i found the carb too close to the chaincase side so i got some radiator hose from a car which fits perfectly to my 26mm Dellorto. If you look for hose with a slight bend in it that can be used to angle the carb out of the kickstart area too.
Idea Something else i found was standard clutch springs will fit into a vega so will uprated springs to avoid clutch slip (this may be common knowledge) Wink

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Rear light terminal cover Empty Re: Rear light terminal cover

Post  daz.h on Tue Jul 13, 2010 3:43 pm

i have been having a sort out today and found these, they are from a vespa, i think there from the rear indicators.
they are too big to fit over the vega rear light terminals, but fits nicely through the number plate /light holder, and once the gasket is placed between the light unit and the holder it should provide a nice seal, certainly dont look out of place and easy to get hold of cheers
Rear light terminal cover DSCF0910
Rear light terminal cover DSCF0908
Rear light terminal cover DSCF0909

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