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Paint Codes

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OK, to start of the Luna Line information section, here are the paint codes for each model. Please note that these are the colours for the Italian home market, for example with the Vega it was only available in silver in Italy. However, for export it was available in turquoise, orange, yellow ochre etc. The numbers relate to the Lechler code for each paint colour.

Lui 50 C

White - 8081
Orange (also known as Orbit Orange) - 8037

Lui 50 CL

Apple Green (also known as Venus Green) - 8039
Orange - 8037
Turquoise (also known as Astral Blue) - 8016

Vega 75S & Cometa 75SL

Silver - 8060
Yellow ochre (also known as Luna Dust) - 8080

We know that some models have been found in colours that don't necessarily comply with the factory specification. For example a red Lui 50 C has been seen, though it was never offered as a colour option from the factory.

The Vega and Cometa were also available in red (also known as Martian red -8073), Orange, turquoise, and green. The silver option was a home market (so Italy) only colour.

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