My newborn

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My newborn

Post  cakey150 on Thu Sep 30, 2010 6:46 am

Have been doing a GP up over the last year, had nearly got it finished and started looking for my next project, was going to get a series 2, but had always had a secret love of Vega's, saw this on e bay and made a bid, (not thinking I'd win) and won....

She seems all there, got her running (although a bit spluttery) even the front lights work.
I wont to take my time over this one and do a proper job, was thinking that I'd get her MOT'd first then start looking at the engine. Not sure that the 50cc's will be enough to pull me around so would like to pep it up a little (well a lot)
First things first.... The front light works, but there doesn't seem to be a dip and full beam, the switch has three positions, in the middle is off, the left hand side seems to just light the small (green) panel on the top of the headset and the right hand side puts the light on (i havent checked the bulb to see if it has a twin element) Not sure if this is how its meant to be
Also the back light doesn't work (i dont think its a standard light) and its not connected (which would explain why its not working) but there is only one (black wire) sticking out the back of the frame. I have a lighting diagram which shows that there should be another red wire coming from the brake light switch, but there doesn't seem to be a brake light switch let alone any wire from it.
Also there isnt a speedo and there doesnt seem to be anything on the left hand side of the front hub to connect one to
Other than that I will need a seat (it doesn't matter if its ripped as I would like to re cover it) and some advise on pepping the engine up, would like to start with the guts, can I fit a 4 speed gear box (in my engine casing) off a J range ? and a 125 / 150 cylinder, (i've heard these can also be board out, what crank is best, can I upgrade my clutch, chain, main drive sprocket, and can you get a disk brake to fit the front end ?????


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Re: My newborn

Post  Snails on Thu Sep 30, 2010 7:01 am


Welcome to world of luna's. First thing I found out is that there's a big difference between Lui's and Vega's. Some of these being that there is no dipped beam, no speedo or brake light. Your back light is not std but is the same as mine was on my lui and I've seen it fitted on at least a couple more so I guess may of been sold as a replacement??? who knows???

You would need to change the engine case to get a four speed gear box. You would need a new rear light and wiring loom for brake light. Dipped beam would require a new frontlight unit and switch (light units are very expensive)

You can upgrade the engine using a casa 80cc kit or swap out for all the internals of a j125 or cento. The casa kit is cheaper and easier in most cases unless you get all the parts to swap in one go.

Sorry for the shortness of my reply but I must go back to work before I get sacked. An more questions or more information needed on my answers just ask.


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