luna line hardware list?

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luna line hardware list?

Post  ScootersO on Mon Dec 17, 2012 2:41 pm

with the earlier Li parts manuals, you could work out what size hardware was needed in almost every location. the Luna line seems to use the same coding as the GP range, where hardware is just given a part number, with no code.

has anyone done a hardware sizing chart for Lunas?

Im dry building this Vega we have, to make sure we are not missing anything, and all the hardware is just loose in a big tub...I have tons of new hardware id prefer to use

what Im referring to is like:
pre-mod S3 parts book has a part number like: 70360512 - which means hex head bolt, 5mm x 12mm but the Luna line has part numbers like: 81807298 (headset bottom to handlebar bolt) - which tells me nothing about what size it should be....

anyone know of a chart or list?


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