Luna Orbit 3

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Luna Orbit 3

Post  Admin on Fri Jul 20, 2012 11:18 am

It seems an age since I wrote a Luna Orbit - put that down to too much work and a thing called the olympics - no, I'm not competing but it means we get messed around more at work which is no good when you have stuff you want to do. On top of that the publisher of my book the Lambretta Bible wants to reissue it so I've been trying to get stuff typed up - which was OK until my laptop died and took six months work with it - thanks, for nothing.

Anyway, as the LOC display at Coventrys VMSC show was well received, I'm keen to get a display together for the LCGB's Bridlington show - who's up for that? As with Coventry, anyone who displays will get some 10th Anniversary goodies - so keep your eyes peeled for those.

My Vega and Lui still need to be worked on. The Vega is going to Waddo at DJ Scooters for him to work his magic on and I'll start stripping the Lui 50C in order to get it blasted and initially powder coated and then some spraying on top. I've got some spares and that includes a spare set of Lui 50C handlebars.

Whilst flicking through Scootering mags For Sales this month I see that the Toy Story Lui is up for sale - a nice custom Luna line machine which would be cool to have.Mind you, if i had it I'd have to sell one of my other Lambrettas - decisions, decisions!!

Having seen the Lincoln 2012 photos on the LCGB site I was pleased to see more than a few Luna line machines in attendance. I think the tide is finally changing and people are waking up to these machines - trouble is, that means more of us fighting over the few parts that are out there. Ah well, makes the hunt just little bit more interesting. I did see that there were 2 Luna line frames on Ebay - both being sold at £99 which is what a complete machine would have cost in the early 70's - how times change. For anyone who hasn't had a look - Italian E-Bay is a good source of machines and parts if you can get them delievered to the UK.

Don't forget there are still dealers in the UK who have got Luna line spares and body work so its not all doom and gloom - mind you the prices of some parts make for gloomy reading.

If anyone knows where I can get a rear light for my Lui 50C can they let me know, I don't really want to fit the Casa 50CL item that I've got. I guess if I have no choice then thats what will go on it but I'd rather fit the right item, especially as i'm sticking with the standard Lui 50C handlebars and set up. We'll see what happens on that score.

Anyway, thats all for now, so until next time, enjoy the Luna ride!

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