What might have been......

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What might have been......

Post  Vega-Gordon on Fri Jul 20, 2012 8:34 am

I mentioned in my "wonky wheel" post about Mike Phoenix having a Targa Twin. Well the TT is a development of the twin cylinder Lambretta that was being tested at the time scooter production ceased at Innocenti. I was talking to Mike Karslake at the LCGB AGM in 1980 (I was Treasurer at the time) and he was excited about the new developments he'd seen during a factory visit. One was he said a 400cc twin Lambretta, I assume now he was mistaken and that it was the 250 twin he had seen, but he also talked about a development GP headset where the section between the alloy lever housings and the headset proper had been cut out and orange lenses inserted. So indicators would have been integrated into the headset properley. I know there are plenty of modern scooters that have taken the same approach. It isn't hard to imagine that a simple mod to the tail-light moulding would have added integrated rear indicators as well. I've not seen this indicator mod referred to anywhere. Has anyone else heard of it?

Finally did you know that Mike Karslake owned Citizen Smith's Lambretta?

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Re: What might have been......

Post  Weeks on Fri Jul 20, 2012 8:44 am

Hi Gordon

No ..... ive never seen any authentic drawings for any internal indicator fixings ............ interesting though
Yes ........ id seen citizen Smiths scoot at Kesterfield a number of times, wonder where it ended up ? ............ restored or similar maybe? Crying or Very sad

Might have some pics somewhere ........ il take a look next time im mooching around

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