75s carb float

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75s carb float

Post  lambrettadude on Mon Mar 12, 2012 3:20 pm


i have got some issues with my vega,
i doesn't run properly, it does not get enough fuel when it runs.
it has the original SH1/20 carb on it, everything is clean and nothing is blocked. all standard jets.
all new oil seals and bearings and new cylinder, piston ect.

it helps when i leave the choke open, i think that the "pin" that is on top of the float is to long.
so when you take off, you use more fuel then that is let in by the float and pin.
the float can move easily, and it is not punctured or anything.
i have tryed a different carb that fits and it runs and rides perfectly, however i want to have the original carb on there.
i tryed finding my anser on the internet with no succes untill now,
can anybody tell me how long that "pin"should be.
i know that any dellortho dealer sells them but they come in different lengts.
and there are no lambretta shops in holland.

cheers, Christiaan


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