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Post  Admin on Sun Jul 11, 2010 5:32 am

I suppose as I set up the club I had better start this thread off.....

Since the 1990's Ive owned a succession of Luna line machines (50C, Vega 75, Cometa and indicator model Cometa). The 50C I still have and this is now the only Luna line machine in my garage Crying or Very sad I've lost count of the number of Vegas that I've owned - some bought for very little and others bought for a considerable sum - well I call £750 a considerable sum (that machine was from Armandos and when I got it the first thing I noticed was the incorrect back light!!!!). As for Cometas I've only owned two - the first one was a freebie off a farm in Gloucestershire when I lived down there and the other was Jim Brierleys rare indicator model which now resides at Scootopia. I might only have the one Luna line scooter at the minute but thats likely to change!!

In 2002 I wanted to start a club just for Luna owners. So, I did and ran a page and e-mail updates via my British Lambretta Archive site. The club grew steadily and I was impressed that so many people had a passion for the Luna line just like me.

I was then approached by Justin and Sarah who were in the process of setting up Lunabase which would be an online resource for Luna owners. I told them that it was a great idea and asked if I could run the club from the site - which I then did. In essence it kept the club seperate from the BLA. I always have and always will be grateful to the work that Justin put into the site and that Sarah did and continues to do. Lunabase isn't going to go anywhere - it will remain as an online source for Luna-tics worldwide.

I'd love to see the club increase in size and am always looking at ways of sharing information and of sorting out merchandise for the club. I am happy that the club is free to join and that members can get all the info they need from it.

This year will also see me receive all of Ann Weirs Lambretta racing trophies which she has asked that I have - I was bowled over that she asked me to have them so a piccie of them will be on this site when I've got them.

2010 looks like a good year for the club and 2011 even better (plans for a VMSC stand are well underway) - so thanks for joining what I'd like to describe as a small, but perfectly formed club - and keep on the worldwide Luna ride Very Happy

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