Headlamp assembly

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Headlamp assembly

Post  Innocenti-71 on Mon Jun 06, 2011 2:57 pm

From allot of strange solutions on the Luna Series to me the headlamp mounting is one I didn't understand until now:
To me the two springs at the bottom (stupid question #1: why are left & right spring of different shape?) give too much "pre load" to the light unit.
As a result the lamp holder block is forced too much towards the handlebar bottom. This seems to be worse on the Aprilia units compared to the CEV ones imo. (stupid question #2: in the very unlikely event of a blown bulb - how can you solve that quickly on the road?)
When placing the handlebar top cover you (errr...I!) have to push from the rear so that the cam inside the top cover moves the headlamp assembly forward/down. (stupid question #3: how can you solve that operation without damaging the handlebar paint?)

Since both user manual and workshop manual didn't give any suggestion of the correct workflow (also nothing in the home workshop manuals) the only solution I found:
- do not fit headlamp assembly but do connect the wires
- fit top cover of headset and put in screw from top
- when everything is fitted: put in headlamp unit
- put in the two screws on the reflector
- adjust high of beam correctly
- fit chrome ring

What do you suggest? Is it only me struggling with an easy solution?
Or is it just that there is no reason to remove the headset top except for connecting wires, etc. and the headlamp unit is only mounted or removed with the headset top in place??? In that case my questions really are stupid...


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Re: Headlamp assembly

Post  siobhanellis on Sun Jun 12, 2011 1:26 pm

That seems correct to me. I think the idea being that to change the bulb it was to take off rim, remove headlight, change bulb. Reverse to assemble.

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