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Luna Orbit - Number 1

Post  Admin on Tue Jan 11, 2011 5:47 am

Here we are in 2011, some months after I set up this forum and so far, so good. As many of you will know back in 2002 I set up the Luna Owners Club as there was no single point of reference for the many Luna-tics who were out there on the world-wide Luna ride.

Initially the LOC was hosted via my own website ( but when I got appraoched by Justin and Sarah who wanted to set up a dedicated site for Lunatics (Lunabase) I jumped at the chance to have a site just for Luna fans. Lunabase was, is and will be a fantastic resource for Luna owners and fans and this forum is an extra addition which makes contact other Luna fans easier than the old forum on Lunabase. This forum though, is not a replacement for Lunabase and it was never set up with that intention so Lunabase will remain.

What I will say is that I will add, and have added extra forum areas when we need them (recently the Rare & Related parts section has been added along with Luna Orbit).

So what does 2011 have in store for us, well the annual VMSC show will see us with a stand once again - anyone who wants to take part should contact me asap. So far we have Vikki and Thackers, along with me and Gill who are showing our scooters. If the VMSC show goes well then I am considering us having a club display at Bridlington in October - watch this space on that one.

Over the next few weeks I'll be adding further information on what Luna line spares are available at the many UK dealers. Ultimately we are in a postion where spares are becoming harder to get, BUT they are still out there, so if you know of any shops/dealers who have some then share the information and lets keep our machines out on the roads.

As for projects I have recently bought another Vega project - a 75% completed machine that needs finishing off and I need to get to work on Gill's Lui - why does there nevere seem to be enough hours in the day? Further updates and photos will be posted on the site. Talking of rebuilds - has anyone got a comprehensive list of all the nuts and bolts that are on a Lui/Vega/Cometa? I reckon a list like that would help many Luna owners out there.

Please keep contributing to the forum, without the many varid threads we wouldn't have a forum so thank you to everyone who has joined the forum and who has posted on here.

Best wishes for 2011

Pete Davies

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