carb set up / 25mm phbl

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carb set up / 25mm phbl

Post  littlemoon on Tue Dec 27, 2016 9:29 am

need some base line/ ball park jetting info please.

just fitted new dellorto 25mm phbl carb to my vega. its now reed valved using an lth reedvalve also cc is up to about 90cc and a proper expansion pipe is fitted.

i fitted the carb as it came , brand new. it starts and runs ok just dosent rev out clean . will strip carb and have a look to see what jets and slide and float valve etc are in there. is anyone else using one of these carbs ?? . cheers simon

carb has 102 main

70 idle

60 choke.

40 slide

d22 needle

aq 266 atomiser

if this helps, cheers simon

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